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The New Reality of Charitable Giving

Consumers rarely use paper checks to make payments anymore, opting instead for the convenience of credit and debit cards. Your organization probably is experiencing the same trend in donations as well. This is actually good news for most charities. Card transactions promote the ease of making donations. They also provide real-time verification and faster transfer of funds. This benefits both donor and nonprofit. However, it’s not all good news for nonprofits. 

Credit card processing fees take about a 3% bite out of each donation. As card usage increases, so too does revenue lost to the card networks. In fact, more than a few nonprofits now are asking donors to pay an additional “surcharge” on card donations, or to mail in paper checks instead. But does increasing the hassles for your donors seem like the right answer to you?


Small Steps Make a Big Difference

T-Serve Foundation has a better solution. We want to help your organization offset the cost of credit card processing fees, so you don’t have to ask your donors to do it. We can also help you look for better ways to lower the overall costs of processing credit cards. We’re a Kansas City based 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping other charitable organizations address the challenge of managing electronic transactions. Believing small steps can make a big difference, T-Serve Foundation works together with our partners to minimize the negative impact of card-processing fees on donations. Greater revenue for nonprofits and more confidence for donors is a WIN - WIN solution for both.







T-Serve Checkup

T-Serve Checkup is a unique program that helps nonprofit partners improve fundraising effectiveness. It works by identifying those steps that can minimize the costs associated with electronic card transactions and maximize your donors’ online experience. Think of it as a tune up for achieving eGiving success. For example:

Are you taking advantage of special credit card rates for charities? 

Does adding a surcharge to credit card donations really make sense? 

Are your online donation pages clean and easy to use? 


T-Serve Foundation Partners

This growing list of T-Serve Foundation partners represents organizations that have invested time and resources in order to tune their eGiving systems and show their commitment to processing donor funds as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Who We Are

T-Serve Foundation supports partner charitable organizations by helping them offer a better eGiving opportunity to their donors. Dan and Karen Toughey, T-Serve Foundation trustees, are committed to assisting local charities effectively manage operating costs and thrive in the new age of electronic fundraising. Dan is the former president and co-founder of TouchNet Information Systems, Inc. The name T-Serve refers to a small software program developed by TouchNet that transformed the company into a Kansas City success story and a major provider of electronic payment solutions for colleges and universities. Today, the name reminds us that small actions can deliver big results.

Meet the Team

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Karen Toughey, Co-Trustee

Ali Brandolino, Marketing

Steve Schirmer, Strategy


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